(Callay-da oh perra-oon)

A wooden sword is called a caletha op perauwn in Black Brythonic. It is an essential training tool and is sometimes used as a combat weapon. 

A standard perauwn is just under a metre long (texts say "three feet and three inches"), however, it can be varied depending on the height and experience of the warrior. 

Caletha op perauwn can be made from hazel or ash, but hawthorn, hornbeam, alder, oak, birch and pine are also used depending on the desired effect. 

Perauwn are usually made by the warrior who uses them. They are cut from a sacred coppice or a tree that has been consecrated with the correct spell or incantation. They must be cut before the spring equinox when there is still dew on the ground. Frost is considered auspicious.

Perauwn are usually made from a single branch, and the bark is left on in order to allow the wood to season naturally. Sometimes wax or tar is applied to the ends to slow down the process even further.


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